Chibi Cthulhu

Chibi Cthulhu - Necronommers in the Outof
Board game for 2-8 players (with 18 characters to choose from) ~ Ages 3 to Elder God

Chibi Cthulhu thought it was funny to pull a prank on all his friends and summon them to the Outof against their will.  Move around the board and collect enough Silver Keys to unlock the Gate Between Worlds and get the heck out of the Outof.  

Fight other players and take their keys!  Use rabbit holes to travel instantaneously across the Outof!  Don't get caught by Azathoth and sucked into the Center of Infinity!  Don't trust the cat!

Chibi Cthulhu – Little C should need no introduction. If he does, go read The Call of Cthulhu. It's free online.

Nekra, or She-Who-Cannot-Be-Bothered-To-Use-Her-Full-Name, Nekranomiplanner – all you mopey poetry-writing kids should be careful, one day your lame journal entries might be phonetically similar to a certain summoning spell and when you read it aloud to yourself as you gently weep alone in your bedroom **BAM** your day planner is filled with dark energy – or in this case FABULOUS energy – and brought to life. Nekra is a sworn enemy of gugs (Lovecraftian trolls) because they are the antithesis of fun; just like H. P. Curmudge.

H. P. Curmudge – he's no better than a gug, except that he bathes on a more regular basis. He is your average know-it-all who doesn't really know-it-all. He's so uptight it's amazing Chibi Cthulhu was able to bend space and time around him to be able to pull him into the Outof. “Now, now, can't do that. It's against the law – of reality. The universe has rules, you know.”

Kid Shub – is the daughter of Shub-Niggurath the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young. So with 999 brothers and sisters, saying that sibling rivalry runs high in their family is quite the understatement. Talk about getting no attention from your parental units. And she doesn't even know who her dad is. But it helped her grow up learning how to the be the best, the fastest, the smartest; competition was always fierce. It made her the strong leader that she is today. Nobody better get in her way!

Jinx the Ultharian Overlord – it is said that in Ulthar no man may kill a cat. Why? Don't ask. You won't live through like the answer. But you'll probably ask anyway. And you know what it will say? “Meow.” Because it's a cat! Don't you understand? Cats are the most dangerous predators on earth. Imagine what they can do in the Dreamlands? That's where Ulthar is.

Kindermoshen – Are you a shoggoth? That is the question he is asked the most. Though he self-identifies using male pronouns, he actually has no naughty parts at all. Or internal organs. Or standard human external sensory organs. He's like a living mannequin. He biochemically engineered the body himself, which is not easy from the Outof. He's basically made of altered heart cells. He is a carbon- based lifeform like everyone else but cutting him open would be like chopping a man-sized piece of ham in half. All meat – with mobility! Shoggoths are more jelly-like. Everything is vibration, and that's how he senses things and gets around. It's not the best body in the universe but it works for him. He's what you would call a “C student” when it comes to cosmic bioforming. Just because you have a godly intelligence and can move energies around at will doesn't mean you're very good at being human. And adulting is even worse for him. While he's back in the Outof, he's hoping to see some old friends; old as is in strange aeons old.

Cthalice Fhtagre – is an amphibious hybrid half-human half-Cthulhu spawn. They are generally human in form with the addition of tentacles that extend from their head and/or back. These appendages can generally be hidden under clothes and hats and long hair. Cthalice is a wielder of dark magics. She had her mouth sown shut so that she could learn to cast her wicked spells while underwater. She is never seen without her spell book Nhentaclau Nudoliatehau. Magical practitioners who use this book have shortened the name of this type of magic to nhenudo. She first appeared as a hidden character in the book (available in print, e-book or audio book) Chainsaw Alice in Wonderland.

Sandwich Houzer – a magick sandwich. Yes, you heard me, a living, magick sandwich.

Chainsaw Alice – the titular star of Chainsaw Alice in Wonderland. She is a chrononaut who can detect and utilize interdimensional rabbit holes, manipulate time to give herself superior fighting skills, and increase her healing ability. You don't want to know what she did to the Queen of Hearts. Actually, you do. Why don't you go order yourself a copy of the book right now. There's also Cthulhic knights, Children of Dagon, the true origin of the King in Yellow, and the dreaded Macroeconomicon!

Narlypoop Noodlehead – his real name is Nyarlathotep but nobody calls him that; mainly because he's got Multiple Personality Disorder and claims to have 1000 personas. Everybody gets tired of hearing his countless stories of how great he is (delusional much?), his various identities, and all the different cults that worship him. Nobody cares Narlypoop!

S'ngac the Violet Gas – helped out ol' Randy Carter in the Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. It's not a boy or a girl – it's a cloud. A happy, helpful little cloud. It was busy studying innermost secrets in the region where form does not exist when Chibi Cthulhu brought him here.

Yog Dog – Sothian hounds have the ability to slip through space and time, become noncorporeal, and alter their canine appearance. It lives in the Outof, so Chibi Cthulhu has no real power to keep it here. Probably just likes to play games with everyone, that's the reason it stays. It must get bored and lonely out here in the infinite blackness. Where's that dream cat? 
 * bark bark space bark *

Little Hastur the Disaster – the masked king of Carcosa is a legendary incarnation of the exogod Hastur. He doesn't play well with the Other Gods and really hates that jerkface Nyarlathotep. He carries his play book wherever he goes.

Mikey Marsh – the dumbest kid in school. He flunked out of Innsmouth Elementary. But WOW! can that kid swim! Probably end up being a fisherman just like the rest of his familial ilk.

Rending Richie Pickman – ghoulish mortal. Crappy painter. Dead guy. Now undead guy. Sure, he digs up bodies in the graveyard and feasts upon them; but the roadkill sandwiches?!?! He actually auditioned for George Romero's Something Something of the Dead but was turned down for the part because his performance wasn't believable. Rending Richie is actually his DJ name.

Insomnio the Night Boss (nightgaunt) – What did the nightgaunt say to the gug? Nothing. Nightgaunts don't have mouths. Or faces. Despite his diminutive size, Insomnio has become the leader of the nightgaunts in the Dreamlands. He is able to harass dreamers in their sleep and sometimes manifest in physical form. He makes nocturnal visits to torment sleepers in Carcosa, O'edi Vdrazew, Evapculah, and Detroit.

Sherman the Shantak (he's not just fabulous, he's shantakular!) – shantaks are giant, scaly birds. Sherman has pinkish iridescent scales which sparkle when light hits them. “You mean he's a glitter dragon!” “No, he's a. . .” “Yay! I wanna be the glitter dragon!”

Floating Head of H. P. Lovecraft – Is he a zombie head? Is he a ghost head? Is he just a quantomonstrophic pandimensional floating head? How does he go to the bathroom?